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Deep Draw Stainless Steel Stamping Services

A-1 Accutech's deep draw stainless steel stamping services, and contract manufacturing capabilities, provide the highest quality custom products and components in a variety of shapes and dimensional requirements. As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we manufacture precision deep drawn stainless steel stampings, formed components, assemblies and sub-assemblies. The materials used include stainless steel, galvanized steel and hot rolled steel.

Benefits of Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is one of the most popular metal forming methods available to manufacturers. Unlike metal stamping, which typically punches out a part, deep draw is a process that involves using a die to form blank sheets of metal into a desired shape around a punch.  Deep drawn parts are distinguished by a depth equal to more than half of the diameter of the part. Numerous re-draws can be used to attain greater depths. This technique offers advantages in unit cost, weight savings and flexibility with design over other traditional processes such as traditional machined, molded or cast parts.

Deep Drawing Capabilities:

•  Presses up to 800 tons
•  Material thickness up to .234” (6mm)
•  Drawing length up to 59 1/16” (1500 mm)
•  Width up to 42 ¼” (1200mm)
•  Depth up to 19” (500 mm)

Deep drawing is most favorable when producing high volumes, because unit cost decreases as unit count increases. Even in smaller volumes, deep drawing may prove to be the most cost effective process. Still more advantages include the following:

•  One-piece seamless construction: parts are created from a single sheet of metal
•  Extraordinary detailing and accuracy to create complex geometries including cylindrical, elliptical, square,    rectangular and oblong, as well as domes, hemispheres and irregular shapes
•  Ideal for products that require considerable strength and minimal weight
•  Low material consumption minimizes waste so that you aren’t paying for scrap
•  Fewer costly secondary operations saves you money

A-1 Accutech will quote on deep draw or shallow draw prototypes, short run or high volume production runs.

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