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Deep Draw Modifications

There are a number of additional deep drawing forming operations that can be used in addition to the standard deep drawing process to complete a part including:

Beading: Material is displaced to create a larger, or smaller, diameter ring of material beyond the original body diameter of a part.

Bulging: For this process a portion of the part’s diameter is forced to expand from the surrounding geometry. This expansion requires the use of a rubber punch or pressurized fluid.

Coining: This operation displaces material to form specific shapes in the part and alters the material thickness.

Curling: A forming technique that uses a curling die to create a rolled edge at the open end of a part.

Embossing: The creation of raised surfaces or designs in the material. Typically there is no change in the metal thickness as a result of this process.

Extruding: After a pilot hole is pierced, a larger diameter punch is pushed through, causing the metal to expand.

Ironing / Wall Thinning: Ironing is a process to reduce the wall thickness of parts and to increase the height. Typically ironing should not exceed a depth of 30% of the material thickness.

Marking / Stamping: This process is typically used to put identification on a part, such as a part number, letter or identification.

Necking: A portion of a cylindrical hollow part is reduced in a diameter to less than the major diameter. This operation also slightly lengthens the part.

Notching: A shearing process that cuts a section from the edge of the part. This notch can be round, square, or shaped.

Piercing: Piercing involves the punching of holes into the material that are required to complete the finished part. This term can also be called a "punching" operation.

Rib Forming: Rib forming involves creating an inward or outward protruding rib during the drawing process which adds stiffness to a part.

Threading: Threads are formed into a part using a wheel and arbor, die or tap. In this way threaded parts can be produced within the stamping press.

Trimming: excess metal is cut away from the finished part. This process typically follows the drawing operation.

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