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Custom Bending and Forming Fabricating Services

A-1 Accutech's custom fabricating services include bending and forming stainless steel.
Bending is a metal forming process in which force is applied to a section of either a flat sheet/plate or a round or flat bar, thus causing it to bend at a selected angle to form a chosen shape. Several different applications can be utilized to create a complex part.

The bending of stainless steel can be difficult unless performed by workers experienced in the field. A-1 AccuTech offers the knowledge and state-of-the-art CNC bending machinery that provide the capability and techniques required to precisely form stainless steel and other materials with exacting tolerances.

Both the process and the equipment used to form stainless steel are similar to those used to form other metals; however, due to the hardening rates of stainless steel, the machinery power levels may need to be increased. Additionally, more rigid equipment and tooling is necessary when working with stainless steel. We can fabricate stainless steel parts and assemblies such as intermediate bulk containers (IBC's), food service equipment and parts, digital scale bases and platforms, automobile pedals and countless other products.

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